The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya – Kathmandu, Nepal

Hotel Shanker, Lazimpat 28-31 July, 2020

The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya
28-31 July, 2020

Given the near-certain likelihood of international travel not resuming anytime soon, at least not in the manner it used to take place in the pre-Covid-19 period, and also the advisability against hosting large gatherings of people, the Conference Organising Committee has decided to cancel this year’s conference in its physical form, and decided to host an online conference.


The details of the conference are as follows:


·        The conference will be held over four days: 28 to 31 July 2020.

·        The conference timing has been fixed for 1700 to 2100 hours, Nepal standard time.

·        Two sessions running parallel to each other will be held.

·         The platform, Zoom, will be used for the conference.


Individuals interested in taking part in this conference can register online and make the payments as directed.


The structure of registration fees is as follows:

Nepali and other South Asian students: NPR 600

Nepali and other South Asian professionals: NPR 900

Non-South Asian students: USD 12

Professional, including South Asians, living outside South Asia: USD 19


Please write to for any clarifications required.


About Conference

The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya has been hosted by Social Science Baha since 2012 in collaboration with the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, Britain-Nepal Academic Council, the Centre for Himalayan Studies-CNRS (since 2015) & Nepal Academic Network (Japan) (since 2016). The objective of the conference is to provide a scholarly platform in Kathmandu to scholars working on various aspects of social life in Nepal and the Himalaya from the perspective of social science as well as the arts and the humanities.

Conference 2020

Paper Presenters

Abha Lal
Previously Associate Editor at the Record; Employee at Martin Chautari, Nepal
Loksewa and social mobility
Alfred Pach
Program Coordinator, RENEW International, 1232 George St. Plainfield, NJ, USA
Religion and Ritual in Contemporary Nepali Society: Expanding and Transforming Continuities in the Khalikhane Ritual Complex
Ambika Rai
PhD Research Scholar, Centre for Himalayan Studies, North Bengal University, India
Looking at ‘Circulation of Labour’ in the Himalayas: Bharias in Darjeeling Hills
Andrea de la Rubia Gómez-Moran
Postdoctoral scholar, School of Design, Presidency University (PU), Bangalore, India.
British Colonial Mirages of India and the Himalaya. Photographic Allegories in the XIXth Century.
Anisha Bhattarai
Research Associate, Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, Nepal
The Samdhis in intermarriages: A study of evolving marriage practice between Bahun and Newar
Anukta Gairola
PhD Candidate, University of Delhi, India
Nanda Devi: Goddess and Daughter
Badri Aryal, Durga Devkota, Prem Bhandari, Anoj Chhetri, Naba Raj Devkota
Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal
Continuity and Change of Farming and Non-Farming Occupations In between Father and the Son
Beth Prosnitz
PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Waiting for Land: The Social Significance of Waiting in the Land Revenue Office
Damodar Tripathi
PhD student, Central Department of Anthropology, TU, Kirtipur, Nepal
Farmers and farm regimes: An exploration in the political ecology of commercial vegetable farmers in Kathmandu valley, Nepal
Faisal Hassan
Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
Genderscaping the Jungle: Psychological Insights from Matriarchal Tharu Society from the Terai Region of Nepal
Gaurav Shrestha
Education Counselor & Writer at Backbenchers™ Gurgaon, India
Rituals and Mediating Space/s (An Eclectic Approach): An anecdotal (re)search for festivals in Kathmandu Valley (Multiplicity of ethnographic instances)
Hansh Raj Joshi
CARE International in Nepal, Lalitpur, Nepal
Between Social Service and Funds: Interrogating Autonomy of NGOs in Nepal
Hema Kiruppalini
PhD student (History) at the National University of Singapore, Singapore
Nepali Migrants during the Cold War: Historicizing the Transnational Lives of Gurkha families in the Far East (1940s-1960s)
Ina Zharkevich
Lecturer, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK
On Maoists, Christian Converts, and Irregular Migrants: hopelessness, temporality, and ‘existential mobility’ in rural Nepal.
Izumi Morimoto
Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan
Transforming and dispersing sarangi; From avatar of the Gandharba to opportunity to change society
Kirpa Ram Bishwakarma
Lecturer, Aathabis Education Campus, Aathabis Municipality-8 Dailekh, Nepal
Impacts of Contradictions among Dalits for Peace-building in Post-conflict Nepal
Komal Prasad Phuyal
Lecturer, Central Department of English, T.U, Nepal
Contemporary Spirit and Social Change in Nepali Fictions
Liana E. Chase
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Global Health Department of Anthropology, Durham University, UK
The Double-Edged Sword of ‘Community’ in Community Mental Health: Reflections from Nepal’s Himalayan Foothills
Mahendra Lawoti
Professor, Department of Political Science, Western Michigan University, USA
Nepali Federalism: Quasi, Pseudo or Real?
Michael Baltutis
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, USA
Containing, confining, and categorizing Indra: a Vedic deity in Tantric Nepal
Nabin Maharjan
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock University, Canada
Nirdesh Shrestha
Trainer, Crystal Counseling Center
Palistha Sikhraka
Trainer/Counsellor, Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), Lalitpur, Nepal
Pratap Adhikari
Consultant, YouMe Nepal
Roji Maharjan
Former coordinator, Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC), Kathmandu
Sarada Rana Magar
Social Mobilizer, Association for Rural Welfare Nepal (ARSOW Nepal), Banepa, Nepal
Saurav Rajbhandari
Independent Filmmaker
Sujan Oli
Social Entrepreneur
Nepali Youth’s Community Engagement in the Post-disaster Context: Myth or reality?
Nabin Maharjan
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock University, Canada
Nirdesh Shrestha
Trainer, Crystal Counseling Center
Palistha Sikhraka
Trainer/Counsellor, Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), Lalitpur, Nepal
Pratap Adhikari
Consultant, YouMe Nepal
Roji Maharjan
Former coordinator, Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC), Kathmandu
Sarada Rana Magar
Social Mobilizer, Association for Rural Welfare Nepal (ARSOW Nepal), Banepa, Nepal
Saurav Rajbhandari
Independent Filmmaker
Sujan Oli
Social Entrepreneur
Applicability of PAR in Nepalese Context: Nepali Youth experiences in Studying Youth Community Engagement
Prabin Nanicha Shrestha, Nirmal Rijal
Equal Access International, Kathmandu, Nepal
‘Audience want change! Radio need the change!’ -A study on changing dynamics of audience interactivity with the ‘Saathi Sanga Maanka Kura’ and ‘Sajha Boli’ radio programs, and its socio-political manifestations
Pushpa Palanchoke
MA. Ethnomusicology, Department of Music, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Ratyaulī- Musical Sexual Socialization at Ghyachok
Rajiv Ghimire
PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
Transdisciplinary approach for Climate Change Adaptation: A study of Gandaki River Basin
Ratna Saha
Research Scholar, Centre for Himalayan Studies, University of North Bengal, India
Sustainability of Smallholder Women Tea growers in Ilam District of Eastern Nepal
Richard Bownas
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado, USA
Motivations for Christian Conversion Among Rural to Urban Migrants in the Kathmandu Valley
Ritu Mangar, Palmo Tamang
Junior Research Fellows, Centre for Himalayan Studies, North Bengal University, India
Evolution of Darjeeling Town through the lens of Women in the Service Sector: Their influence, adaptation and contribution in the Urban growth
Sanae ITO
National Institute for the Humanities, Tokyo, Japan / Visiting associate professor, Graduate school of Asian and African Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
Memories and Mourning of the Gorkha Earthquake in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Sanjeev Dahal
PhD Scholar in Social Work at Boston College, MA, USA
Political Conflict, Natural Disaster and Displacement of Children and Evolution of Institutional Care of Children in Nepal
Sanju Koirala
Senior Program Officer (Water, Energy and Gender), Policy Entrepreneurs Incorporated, Bakundole, Lalitpur, Nepal
Shristi Shakya
Research Associate, Policy Entrepreneurs Incorporated (PEI), Bakundole, Lalitpur, Nepal
Role of Migration in Driving Water Induced Disaster
Sarah Speck, Ulrike Müller-Böker
Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Population Aging and Family Change: Effects on the Living Conditions of Older People in Rural Nepal
Seika Sato
Teikyo University, Japan
From ‘Failed Development’ to ‘Inclusive Development’?: Views of Janajati and Dalit Women
Shak Bahadur Budhathoki
Education Coordinator, Mercy Corps, Lalitpur, Nepal
The Dynamics of Financial Accountability in Nepal’s Community Schools
Shrey Shahi
Doctoral candidate in History at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Some aspects of agrarian challenges of Gorkahli government: from later half of the 18th century to the first half of 19th century
Srujay Reddy, Cheering Palkit, Aniket Alam
Associate professor & students, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India
Mapping the Chorten’s of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Subodh Chandra Bharti
PhD. South Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi, India
Foreign Policy of Nepal: Shifts and Opportunities
Suraj Kushwaha
Undergraduate Student, Princeton University, USA
Nation Building at Altitude: How the Indian Military Sustains War on the Siachen Glacier
Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha
Lecturer, MA Museology and Buddhist Collection, Lumbini Buddhist University, Nepal
Museums fulfilling a Socio-Political Cause
Taranath Sapkota, Inge Houkes, Hans Bosma
Department of Social Medicine, Research School CAPHRI, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Vicious circle of chronic disease and poverty: a qualitative study of present-day Nepal
Tashi Gurung
PhD Student, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
Is Tourism: Boon or Bane? An Institutional Analysis of Tourism System as the Commons in the Himalayan Region of Upper Mustang, Nepal
Tashi Tewa Ghale
Graduate Student, Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Amrita Baramu
Independent Researcher, Nepal
Paradoxes of Indigenous Movement: Constitutional Openings and Baramu’s struggle
Todd John Wallenius
PhD Fellow, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark
Stefan Lueder
Researcher, U.S. Fulbright Commission to Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
New Perspectives on Education in the Himalaya: The Vision of Jaya Prithvi Bahadur Singh in the Early 20th Century Gorkha State
Tom Robertson
Former executive Director, U.S. Educational Foundation (Fulbright Nepal), 2017-2019.
Man-Made Jungles: How the Tharu Made the Chitwan and Bardiya Grasslands
Tracy Fehr Sardone
PhD Student (Sociology), University of Colorado Boulder, USA
The Patriarchy of Reconstruction: An Intersectional Analysis of Widowhood in Post-Earthquake Nepal
Tsewang Sangmo
Former Co-Student, School for International Training: Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal
Diagnostic Dilemmas: Navigating between traditional and modern interpretations of illness and injury in Nubri, Nepal
Urmi Sengupta
Senior Lecturer and Director of Education, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
(Un)making of Tundikhel: Ruptured space and spatial estrangement
Vishnu Tandon
PhD Candidate in Political Science, École Des Hautes Études En Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France
Towards Federal Democracy: Participatory Planning in Post – War Federal setting of Nepal
Weijie Zhao
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies Kyoto University, Japan
Neither ‘Pet’ Nor ‘Pest’: Exploring Individual Decision-Makings on Creative Usage of Space Among Himalayan Feral Dogs in Langtang, Nepal
Young Hoon Oh
Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of California, USA
Social Connectivity: ‘New’ Sherpas and the Recent Evolution of Himalayan Mountaineering
Yutsha Dahal
Researcher,Nepal Picture Library, Kathmandu, Nepal
In Search of the Missing Images: Analysing a Feminist Shift in Visual Culture in Nepal

Panel Paper Submission