The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya – Kathmandu, Nepal

Selected Papers

SN Presenter/Affiliation Abstract
Amit Gautam
Research Officer, Social Science Baha
Jeevan Baniya
Assistant Director, Social Science Baha
Experiences and Livelihood Situations of Rohingya Refugees in Nepal
Apolline Dupuis
M.A. Student, Social Transition and Innovations
Bimla Gurung
Lecturer, Morgan International College
Claire Martinus
University of Lille (France) – Lecturer in Anthropology; University of Mons (Belgium) – Lecturer in Gender studies, Sociology and Anthropology
Challenges of Nepalese Women in Production Sector
Bhuwan Thapa
Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University, USA
Ujjwal Upadhyay
Senior Program Coordinator National College, Kathmandu University
Indresh M Sharma
Senior Research Coordinator National College, Kathmandu University
Urban Green Space Is a Critical Nature-Based Infrastructure for the Climate Resilience of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Binita Magaiya
Researcher, Social Science Baha
Stefanie Lotter
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Anthropology Sociology, SOAS, University of London
Two Communities’ Engagement with Mukundasen’s Legacy
Chandra Upadhyay
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Tribhuvan University
Pull and Push Factors of Nepali Students’ International Migration
Chinmaya Shah
Secretary and Programme Coordinator, Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education, Chaukhutia, Uttarakhand (INHERE), India
Chitra Rawat
Research and Operations Manager, India Migration Now, Mumbai
From Far West to Neglected North: Intra-Himalayan Migration from Sudurpaschim Province to Uttarakhand
Claire Willey-Sthapit
Assistant Professor, School of Social Welfare, University of Kansas (USA)
Beyond Coping: Survivors’ Strategies in Response to Domestic Violence in Pokhara, Nepal
Ishwor Adhikari
PhD. Scholar, Economics, South Asian University
Labour Market Friction to Understand the Labour Shortage in the Surplus Labour Economy
Karen Valentin
Associate Professor, Dept of Educational Anthropology, School of Education, Aarhus University
Uma Pradhan
Lecturer in Education Studies, University College London
Anthropological Perspectives on Education in Nepal: Educational Transformations and Avenues of Learning
Komal Phuyal
Lecturer in English, Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University
Structural Drives and Common Sense: Building Conflict in Select Stories from B. P. Koirala and Guru Prasad Mainali
Kumar Prasad Aryal
Former Research Associate, Social Science Baha
Community Resilience Practices in the Aftermath of 2015 Gorkha: Earthquake in a Peri-Urban Locality of Kathmandu district
Kumud Rana
Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Sociology and Centre for Gender Studies, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Thinking through the Indigenous Queer and the Queerly Indigenous in Nepal
Li Zhinong
Professor/ Vice President, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Yunnan University, China
Wu Di
Phd. Candidate/Research Assistant, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Yunnan University, China
Living by the Border: A Study of Nepal’s Limi People and Their Trade: Life on the Sino-Nepal Border
Lokranjan Parajuli
Senior Researcher, Martin Chautari
Radio as a Propaganda Tool: The History of Radio Broadcasting in Nepal
Mahendra Lawoti
Professor, Department of Political Science, Western Michigan University (WMU), Kalamazoo
Emergence and Consolidation of Multiparty System in Nepal: Causes and Consequences
Michael Hutt
Emeritus Professor, SOAS; Research Affiliate, Department of Social Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford
The Emergence of Dalit Consciousness in Nepali-Language Literature
Mitra Pariyar
Research Fellow, Kingston University (Last affiliation)
Stifled Aspirations: Dalits in Contemporary Nepal
Niki Rai
Research Scholar, Br. Ambedkar University, Delhi
Voices of the Silenced: A Study of Survivors of 27 July 1986
Nimesh Dhungana
Lecturer in Disasters and Global Health, University of Manchester, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI)
Sanjay Sharma
National University of Singapore
Kripa Basnyat
National Project Coordinator, International Labour Organization
Narayan Adhikari
CEO and Director, for Accountability Lab Nepal
Prekkshya Bimali
Flora Cornish
Disaster as a Catalyst for Injustice: Experiences of Nepali Migrant Workers during Covid-19
Niraj Lawoju
Last degree obtained- MA Political Science, Tribhuvan University
Lost of Cultural Ownness after Earthquake related Resident Shift
Paulina Stanik
PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw, Poland
Two Sides of the Same Coin? Gurkhas and Indians in Polish World War Two Memoirs
Phoenix Kenney
PhD Student, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Language of Instruction Communication: A ‘Soft Skills’ Approach to Understanding English Language Abilities among College Students in Kathmandu
Phurwa Dhondup Gurung
PhD Candidate & Graduate Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
(Un)Seeing like a Conservationist: Translating Nature-Culture through an Indigenous Framework
Pragya Paneru
Lecturer at Nepal Commerce Campus
Prativa Paneru
Lecturer at Trinity College
From an Elderly Middle-Aged Man to ‘A Scientist may be Anyone’: DAST in Nepalese Context
Prakash BK
Ph.D. Candidate at Department of Anthropology, The University of Notre Dame, IN, the USA.
Caste in Nepal’s Mental Health Policies and Education
Ramawatar Yadav
Former Vice Chancellor, Purbanchal University, Nepal
Toward a Historiography of Lexicogenesis in Maithili – With Special Reference to the Hitherto Unstudied and Unpublished Hand–Written British Library, London MS. of Henry Thomas Colebrooke’s Comparative Vocabulary (1807 CE)
Richard Bownas
Professor of Political Science, University of Northern Colorado
Hindutva in Nepal: A Political Sociology Analysis of its Prospects
Rinzing Ongmu Sherpa
Ph.D. Scholar at Centre for the Study of Social Systems, CSSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
The Construction of Sherpa Identity in Darjeeling: A Sociological Study
Rita Baramu
Program Manager, Body & Data
Neha Gauchan
Programme Coordinator, Body & Data
Digitization of Identity in Nepal: Interests & Implications
Sanjaya Aryal
Senior Research Officer, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex
Aaron Wyllie
Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex
Kathryn Chard
Lecturer in Social Work
Liliane Silva
Senior Research Officer, University of Essex
Evidence on the Relationship between Breastfeeding and Long-Term Outcomes
Sanjaya Mahato
Faculty: Kathmandu University, Department of Public Policy
Structural and Procedural Bias and Women Access to Political Leadership in Nepal: A Case of Nepali Congress Party
Shak Bahadur Budhathoki
Member, Lifelong Learning Mandala
The State of Policy and Practice on Complaint Response Mechanism in Nepal’s Community Schools
Shubha Kayastha
Executive Director, Body & Data
Shambhawi Paudel
Programme Officer, Body & Data
Privacy in the Digital Age and as Understood by Marginalized Groups in Nepal
Sita Mademba
Senior Research Associate, Social Science Baha
Reimagining and Reviving Resistance: An Anthropological Study of the Limbu Community
Sudhir Shrestha
Visiting Faculty, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)
Street Businesses in Kathmandu: Crushed by the Pandemic, Evicted by the State
Suman Gyawali
MEAL Officer, The Leprosy Mission Nepal Butwal Cluster
Participatory School Self-evaluation as a Tool for Transformative School Performance
Sumit Kumar Sarma
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, H. P. B. Girls’ College, Golaghat, Assam, India
Tapan Saikia
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, H. P. B. Girls’ College, Golaghat, Assam, India
Graziers Vs Cultivators: Clash for ‘Settlements’ in the Brahmaputra Valley, Assam
Upasana Saikia
Freelance Writer and Researcher
Akashi Boruah
Assistant Professor
A Home in Motion: Chronicling the History of Migration through the lens of a Novel and a Life
Vishnu Kumari Tandon
PhD Candidate in Political Science, École Des Hautes Études En Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris
Deliberative Democracy and the Notion of “Self-Interest” in Federal Nepal