Storytelling and Realization:  An Organic Way to Collective Consciousness and Social Cohesion

Narendra Bahadur Saud

This paper examines how a collective consciousness of a community can be achieved by promoting social cohesion through a means of storytelling and realization. Storytelling is considered as an instrument to share the truth, to re-establish interpersonal relationships, and to mediate the intercultural disparities in diverse communities. This is also an approach to feed social interactions for enlivening the domesticity, and to harness the creative capitals for minimizing social problems.

Showcasing the project ‘EnActing Dialogue through Playback Theatre’, this paper juxtaposes the storytelling and collective consciousness to promote social cohesion in the communities of Nepal.  The research paper follows the theoretical overview of secondary resources, the writer’s participatory observations, and informal interviews with the beneficiaries and the quantitative as well as qualitative monitoring data of the project. It argues that storytelling can further support the teller to be understood in a group and, it can serve as an agent of change by building collective consciousness in communities – a pathway to desired future.

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